We're Jewell Unlimited

We design micro-learning curriculums , custom training journeys, and educational content on the belief that every team deserves the opportunity to thrive.

Our Story

Jewell Unlimited is a Missouri-based e-learning company founded by a group of educators,  content designers, and leaders in critical thinking with the common belief that managers and team leaders deserve a simple solution to growing themselves and empowering their team. We believe teams are at their strongest when every member feels empowered to grow.

Corporate growth training has become synonymous with cheesy videos, irrelevant content, and outdated user experiences. Growing teams deserve better.

Which is why we have dedicated ourselves to designing engaging, relevant training journeys with the two simple focuses: grow managers and empower teams.

Our Approach

Learning should never be a chore and it should never come at the cost of productivity. Jewell Unlimited designs bite-sized courses that work together to pack a big punch. 

Every curriculum we offer is designed in such a way to keep learners engaged, excited for more, and growing every step of the way. 

Micro-learning has proven to boost knowledge retention. When something is studied in small doses repeatedly, the knowledge locks in. Our courses are small, self-contained and OnDemand always for your team. 

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Our Values

People first. Always

We're people people and believe the best companies foster environments that are people-focused. We make sure that our services reflect this as well as our internal culture.

Keep things simple.

In a complex online environment in an even more complex world, we strive to keep things simple. We keep our content simple with micro-learning and our pricing transparent.

Never stop innovating.

Early on, we identified huge gaps in what the learning industry provided and what people actually needed. We maintain a growth philosophy that pushes us to keep creating better courses for learners.

Get creative.

Creativity is where the magic happens. We aim to inspire both our learners and our employees to think outside the box or try a different approach. All of our courses aim to inspire creativity.

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Come Grow with Us

Whether you are a manger leading a team, an HR rep adding value for employees, or a CEO growing a company, Jewell Unlimited offers cutting-edge learning journeys that maximize productivity and foster a happy culture for employees.