We are working professionals working for professionals, which means we get how hard it can be to find learning and development opportunites that truly make an impact. Impactful opportunities traditionally have been expensive in-person events that require travel and time to step away from daily duties ultimately decreasing productivity.

We’ve made it different. And you can too.

Custom Microlearnings

Custom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We’ve made it simple for you. Choose a premade package for creating custom microlearnings or we can tailor a proposal to your needs.

5 microlearnings

30-40 minutes of produced content

5 business days


10 microlearnings

60-85 minutes of produced content

7 business days


15 microlearnings

100-120 minutes of produced content

10 business days


Microlearnings are a great tool for people to apprehend and comprehend the information you need them to know.

Are microlearnings right for you?

Microlearning Library

Benefit from accessing the entire library of microlearnings that cover topics specific to leadership, management, communication, emotional intelligence, and much more.

Average subscription price is $35/mo/user

Subscription includes: unlimited access to all content, 3 hours of learning consulting, custom branded learning management system, iOS/Android app

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Playlist Design

Playlists are designed with you in mind. We are passionate about helping you and your organization develop the skills required to support your team. Let’s create the learning plan together, and you can watch your business productivity grow!

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