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Jewell Unlimited is a learning agency that delivers fast, focused learning content for individuals and teams. We partner with organizations to increase the skills, engagement, and retention of their employees.

Micro-learnings are a low-cost, accessible way to create meaningful learning opportunities without losing employee productivity. We deliver bite-sized video leaning content that locks in knowledge, boosts retention, and keeps employees engaged and growing. 

Empower your employees without impacting daily operations

Organizations who invest in employee education see up to 24% higher profit margins. Empower your people and keep them invested in your business with tailored learning tracks customized for them. When employees thrive, businesses thrive. 

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Our catalog of over 1800 microlearning videos are available on-demand and in multiple languages

Business Basics
Business Math
Business Writing
Career Planning
Conflict Management
Customer Service

Decision Making
Digital Transformation
Finance for Non-Financial
Gender Equality
Health & Wellness
Managerial Courage

Performance Excellence
Personal Development
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Professional Productivity
Resource Planning
Risk Management

Sales Skills

Social Media & Technology
Supply Chain Management
Talent Development
Team Building
Workplace Culture
Workplace Sustainability

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Online Learning

We offer both pre-built and custom learning journeys for organizations and individuals.

Essential Skills

Inspire and empower employees with the skills they need to build a successful career.

In-Person Training

Invest in your organization with a fully custom learning experience for growing teams.

Industry Training

Hone your skills and learn the latest best practices for a specific industry or skill.

Custom Solutions

All learning solutions offered by Jewell Unlimited are fully customizable.

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