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Every Jewell learner is equipped to grow

Access to unlimited pre-built journeys

Every Jewell Unlimited member gains access to the entire library of content. Brush up on topics you're familiar with or jump into something completely new, everything is at your fingertips.

On-Demand content available 24/7

Our comprehensive, cloud-based learning platform is easily accessible and available to learners 24/7 on most devices. 

Build and customize your own journey

Don't see what you're looking for? Because of our unique approach to learning, our training modules can be customized to fit almost any industry, business need, or role.

Maximize growth with microlearning

Stay engaged and boost your growth without impacting productivity with microlearning; a proven approach to learning that employs short bursts of highly engaging content.

Learn in smaller doses to maximize retention

Historically, learning has been a chore. It simply doesn't have to be. Jewell Unlimited designs bite-sized courses (microlearnings) that work together to pack a big punch. 

Every course we offer is designed in such a way to keep learners engaged, excited for more, and growing every step of the way. 

Microlearning has proven to boost knowledge retention. When something is studied in small doses repeatedly, the knowledge locks in. Our courses are small, self-contained and always on-demand. 

״Jewell Unlimited helps to keep them engaged and it ensures the success of my business.״

Lisa Essig


Grow from anywhere with custom learning journeys available on-demand

Jewell Unlimited tailors custom learning journeys designed to meet organizational or personal goals. Whether you are looking for a robust knowledge library, an e-learning platform, or a custom growth experience for your team, Jewell Unlimited's unique approach to learning is designed to fit anyone.

Our catalog of over 1800 microlearning videos are available on-demand and in multiple languages

Administrative Excellence
Building a Business Case
Business Basics
Business Math
Business Writing
Career Planning
Conflict Management
Customer Service

Decision Making
Digital Transformation
Finance for Non-Financial
Financial Basics
Financial Compliance
Gender Equality
Health & Wellness
Managerial Courage
Managing Enterprise Account

Performance Excellence
Personal Development
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Professional Productivity
Resource Planning
Retail Excellence
Risk Management
Sales Management
Sales Relationships
Sales Skills

Small Business Success
Social Media & Technology
Supply Chain Management
Talent Development
Team Building
Territory Development
Virtual Workplace
Voting Essentials
Workplace Compliance
Workplace Culture
Workplace Sustainability

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