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Online Microlearning

Boost growth with innovative microlearning solutions available on-demand.

In-Person Workshops

Take employee productivity and retention to the next level with custom learning modules.

Essential Skills

Invest in student success outside the classroom with career and life skills training.

Explore all of our learning solutions or build your own

Micro-learning can be stacked in ways that help people achieve their goals. These tracks are not limited by industry. They are based on the skill set you want to obtain. So whether you are a student, a manager, or a business owner, our learning solutions can be tailored just for you.

Keep your team engaged while maximizing productivity

Enjoy the flexibility of OnDemand microlearning curriculums that keep you and your team engaged and growing. 

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Attracting the best people is critical to the success of my business and it’s not easy today. You have to provide benefits and investment in your employees that set you apart, and Jewell Unlimited does that for my business.

Lisa Essig

Owner / Operator

Essig Family McDonalds

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Come Grow with Us

Whether you are a manager leading a team, an HR rep adding value for employees, or a CEO growing a company, Jewell Unlimited offers cutting-edge learning journeys that maximize productivity and foster a happy culture for employees. 

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Where learners meet growth

Ignite growth in your team and yourself with Essential Skills and microlearning development courses.

Founded by the leaders in critical thinking. Designed for anyone looking to grow.

Jewell Unlimited utilizes micro-learning courses. Our modules are more engaging, less time-consuming, and are proven to be more effective for corporate and industry growth training.

Online Learning

We offer both pre-built and custom learning journeys for organizations and individuals.

Essential Skills

Inspire and empower students with the skills they need to build a successful career.

In-Person Training

Invest in your organization with a fully custom learning experience for growing teams.

Industry Training

Hone your skills and learn the latest best practices for a specific industry or skill.

Custom Solutions

All learning solutions offered by Jewell Unlimited are fully customizable.

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