Our Story

Jewell Unlimited is a Missouri-based learning agency founded by a group of educators, content designers, and leaders in critical thinking with the common belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow.
Corporate growth training and personal development courses have become synonymous with cheesy videos, irrelevant content, and outdated user experiences. People who are dedicated to learning deserve better.
Which is why we have dedicated ourselves to designing engaging, relevant training journeys with the three simple focuses: creativity, real-world application, and learning retention.

Our Approach

Historically, learning has been a chore. It simply doesn’t have to be. Jewell Unlimited designs bite-sized courses (microlearnings) that work together to pack a big punch. Every course we offer is designed in such a way to keep learners engaged, excited for more, and growing every step of the way. Microlearning has proven to boost knowledge retention. When something is studied in small doses repeatedly, the knowledge locks in. Our courses are small, self-contained and always on-demand.

Our Services

Our Team

Conner Hazelrigg

Executive Director

Graduated from William Jewell College with a dual degree in Math and Physics, Conner has worked for a handful of startup companies creating products that span Al-enabled insurance tech to real-time sports data analytics.

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Glen Martin

Head of Client Strategy

Glen brings more than 25 years of experience in client relationship management, sales, operations, instructional design, content development, and learning solution delivery.

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Deb Puett

Content Curator

As a former teacher, Deb has experience creating learning opportunities and sequencing content. She has designed and led countless workshops on topics such as classroom leadership and reaching the needs of every learner.

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Our Values

People first. Always.

We’re people people and believe that the best companies foster people-focused environments. We make sure that our products and services reflect this as well as our internal culture.

Keep things simple.

In a complex online environment in an even more complex world, we strive to keep things simple. We keep our content simple with microlearning and our pricing transparent.

Keep innovating.

We identified gaps in what the learning industry provided and what people actually needed. We maintain a growth philosophy that pushes us to keep creating better experiences for learners.

Get creative.

Creativity is where the magic happens. We aim to inspire both our learners and our employees to think outside the box and try different approaches. All of our courses aim to inspire creativity.

Come Grow with Us

We design microlearning curriculums, custom training, and
educational content on the belief that anyone looking to learn
deserves the opportunity to thrive.

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