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Watch the on-demand video library

Skill development at your finger tips with thousands of individual videos or a carefully designed playlist.

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Private Workshop for Your Team

Digitally fatigued? Choose from workshop themes and activities, or we can create one custom for your organization’s needs.

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Unsure what’s right for your team?

You are not alone. We help create learning solutions and delivery methods based on your business needs.

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Video Library

When creating custom videos, you can be the facilitator in front of the camera. We also have our talent if you wish to use others. Each video can feature different people.

Each custom video goes through a process that starts with discovery of the problem. We craft a design document that outlines the deliverable to be approved by you, the client. Once approved, our Content Curators do their magic to quickly produce the video. This entire process can take up to a couple of weeks based on the client’s availability for discovery and approval. The video create takes approximately a week.

All video learning solutions can be experienced through a learning management system (LMS) or other mode of delivering movie files. If your custom videos have embedded questions, these will need to be hosted on an LMS.

We highly recommend that a communication strategy and plan be put around all content being delivered. Our team is equipped to help do this both from a strategy level and to execute.

This is no problem! We can deliver all files to you for uploading to your own LMS.

Our LMS tracks many different user metrics that you and administrators will be able to see.

Live Events & Workshops

Yes. Our team has multiple presenters available and we contract with other individuals to ensure each event has the right number of facilitators.

Custom workshops are created by sitting down with the stakeholders and asking discovery questions. These questions help our team build specific activities and interactions that create meaningful learning opportunities. No workshop or organization is the same.

As the leader of an organization, we would recommend expecting to participate in a meeting roughly 1-1.5 hours long for discovery. After that we will present a scope to be approved by you. All in all we try to keep this under 2 hours.

We have done in-person live events for groups between 15 people and 1,400 people. These experiences have been local and out of state. We have designed lecture type events, interactive workshops, and more. Even with live events, we design them custom.

Learning Consulting

If the business problem you’d like to solve involves people…the decisions they make, the behaviors they exhibit, the attitude with which they work, the efficiency and productivity they achieve, their willingness to show up and stay employed with you, the speed to competency for new hires, or the knowledge on which they rely to deliver the results you’re paying them for…then you almost assuredly benefit from a learning solution.

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