Empower your employees with the skills they need to grow

Boost employee success without impacting productivity. Our AI-enabled learning solutions offer real-time feedback for employees with quality content designed to maximize retention.

Backed by research and designed for success

Learning journeys are pre-built by experts in critical thinking and designed specifically for students. Educators can enjoy a simplified, streamlined experience.

Bite-sized courses for increased retention

Microlearning has proven to boost knowledge retention. Courses are small, highly engaging, self-contained and built to lock in valuable life skills for students. 

Inclusive innovation and meaningful outcomes

Essential Skills is designed to inspire and equip every student, regardless of background,  with the knowledge they need to build a successful career.

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Come Grow with Us

Whether you are a manger leading a team, an HR rep adding value for employees, or a CEO growing a company, Jewell Unlimited offers cutting-edge learning journeys that maximize productivity and foster a happy culture for employees. 

The Essential Skills


Learn to communicate effectively through various mediums and different audiences. Adaptively read situations and learn appropriate responses.


Effectively manage, delegate, lead, and work with teams. Recognize individual strengths and foster a sense of teamwork and a shared purpose.

Critical Thinking

Develop innovative strategies for solving complex challenges. Learn to be flexible, adaptive, and creative to identify the best solutions. 

Interpersonal Skills

Learn to interpersonally communicate and build trust with others. Recognize and resolve conflicts while treating others with dignity and respect.


Learn to identify areas in the workplace that need attention and how to take initiative towards positive organizational change.

Executive Function

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Investing in employee development can increase profits by 24%.


Hiring someone new can cost up to 30% of that position's salary.


40% of young professionals report feeling unprepared in the Essential Skills.

No matter what business you are in, your employees need Essential Skills

The Essential Skills is an online program designed to empower employees with the skills they need to thrive in the workforce. These are areas often overlooked in traditional employee training. This program, offered through Jewell Unlimited, is designed to inspire growth and give your employees the tools they need to grow.